Five Ways To Elevate Your Brand

5 Quick Ways to Elevate Your Brand

1 – stay true to your values
Whether you’ve done work on creating set brand values or not for your business, the chances are you have some personal values that will always pull through to everything you do in your business. It’s worth being super clear with these and when creating a new piece of content for your customer using these to go through and check you are being true to them and therefore building upon your brands persona. If something doesn’t feel right with the copy and/or creative, chances are it’s just not quite right for your business and therefore will never come across as authentic to your customer.

2 – be clear with your messaging
This one can be hard when you are wanting to get across all your passion and information in one piece of collateral so be careful not to crowd your true message for the piece in too much other ‘fluff’. Think about what action you want people to take when seeing the content and give them one clear call to action.

3 – be consistent
This one you will hear me bang on about a lot in our Facebook group (get access here to My Beautiful Brand) as it is so important in helping to build a recognisable brand and also present yourself in a professional way. Small businesses often struggle with this as they pull creative from all over the place and are influenced so much by things they see and brands they follow. A brand style guide can seriously help here and if you haven’t got one then I suggest looking into either learning to create on yourself (our Discover My Brand is great if you want to have a go at DIY’ing it), or invest in a brand designer who can pull all this together for you and help you stay on brand. Consistent design of pieces, including consistent colours, fonts, image types, tone of voice and messaging all help build a recognisable brand and ultimately help build your tribe of loyal customers.

4 – don’t overcomplicate things
This one kind of ties in with being clear on your messaging but keep it all simple. I’m talking graphics and creative here really. Don’t clutter pieces with lots of unnecessary noise that might dilute the message you are trying to get across. One simple image can often have far more impact than trying to cram every image of every product you have onto one page or email newsletter.

5 – humanise your brand
The new buzz phrase ‘people buy from people’ really is such a powerful take home message. In the faceless world of the digital age customers are now craving that human interaction of yesteryear. They want to know your story, see behind the scenes and crave the human experiences that once were the norm when walking down the high street. People want to know you care before they part with their hard earned cash.

’people don’t care what you know until they know that you care.’

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