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My Beautiful Brand Courses

Welcome to My Beautiful Brand, home to a range of creative courses for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs to help you build a brand you love. Our courses help you get to the heart of what makes your audience tick and ultimately help you create a brand that engages with them effectively to help you grow and succeed.

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Who Is It For?

Whether you’re just starting out on your business adventure, or are feeling overwhelmed with your existing brand and where to go with it, our brand courses are designed to give you the knowledge to think clearly, focus and have the vision to build a beautiful brand. Each course includes a workbook, either emailed weekly or sent after signing up, along with support packages and some really lovely course extras. Getting your small business branding right can be the difference between success and failure, and our courses give you the tools to be able to move forward with confidence. Explore the courses below and as with any of our services, if you have any questions or want to chat through which course is for you then please do get in touch.

The Courses

Define Your Audience - You & Them DIY Brand Design Course - DIY Branding for small businesses
DIY Brand Intro Course

You & Them

TIMEFRAME: 5 weeks 
DELIVERY: Workbook to work through at own pace, Facebook Group

The You & Them brand course is designed to help you really get to know your ideal audience and also what makes you special in your market. Knowing your audience (Them) and what makes them tick is vital in being able to create strong messaging, design and marketing that appeals to that intended audience, and ultimately turns them into paying customers. If you don’t have clarity on who you are aiming your efforts at then you will be likely using a scattergun approach and trying to be all things to all people. Being niche and knowing what you represent can elevate your business and build a thriving brand. The second part of this course looks at You and how you are unique and special in your market. Defining what your added extras are, or the value you add over your competitors will make you much more confident in selling yourself and your business.

Brand Discovery Course - DIY Branding for small businesses
DIY Brand Course

Discover My Brand

TIMEFRAME: Self study in own time (instant download-get started now)
DELIVERY: Workbook to work through at own pace, email support

Discover My Brand is a flexible branding course for small business owners and entrepreneurs seeking clarity on their brand to move forward with their business.This course has been designed to work through at your own pace and guides you through a series of exercises to get clarity, focus and vision on your brand. The course covers defining your audience, what makes you special, and clearly defining who you are as a brand and what that looks like visually. Essentially this course is small business DIY branding at its best.

No-Nonsense Brand Design Course - DIY Branding for small businesses
5 Week Course

No-Nonsense Brand Design

TIMEFRAME: 5 weeks 
DELIVERY: Workbooks, Live Sessions and 1 months aftercare

The No-Nonsense Brand Design course will help any ambitious small business to get clarity on their brand and give you the skills to move forward with design that connects with your intended audience. This online course will takes place over 5 weeks and will be a brand adventure like no other. Through a series of guided exercises and live Q&A’s with Lianne from the studio, you will peel back the layers of what makes your business special, who your audience truly is, and how to utilise that to elevate your brand and create graphics that really speak to your audience. There is plenty of creative action with mood-board building etc that will ensure you leave the course feeling positive and passionate about your final outcome – your own brand code (the ultimate guide to keep your brand and business visually on track).

Ultimate Brand Masterclass - DIY Branding for small businesses
complete do it yourself branding

Ultimate Brand Masterclass

TIMEFRAME: 8 weeks
DELIVERY: Workbooks, Reviews, Live Sessions and 3 months aftercare

The Ultimate Brand Masterclass promises to transform how you think about your brand and give you a solid foundation to build a business that thrives. Join Lianne from the studio, alongside other like minded course attendees to learn, shape and grow your brand. The course is designed to set you up ready to create a professional brand using the tricks of the trade. The course starts from the very basics of branding, including a brand review of your current ‘state of play’, and will leave you with full clarity on who you are as a business, as well as being able to create graphics and assets to use that you know are on brand and resonate with your intended audience. This 8 part course gives you the knowledge to think clearly, focus and have the vision to build a beautiful brand you love. Join the waitlist today…

Incredible Clients

"I had a new website built and created by Lianne and the whole process was fantastic. From the initial brief right down to add ons to expand functionality, specific for my business, Lianne thought of everything! I would highly recommend Lianne if you want a professional website that works the way you want it to and its easy to maintain too with great after care"

Claire Lohan - Savon Claire

"I work with Lianne on a regular basis for graphic design for myself and clients. Her approach is faultless and end product equally so. A lovely lady to work and communicate with, I can highly recommend."

Mindy Arora - Arora Marketing and ASALI

"We have worked with Lianne for a number of years now on various projects from branding through to promotional collateral. Her approach is always professional and efficient, delivering on-brand pieces that fulfil the brief. Coupled with her extremely helpful and agile manner, she is great to work with and we couldn’t recommend her enough."

Karen Gill MBE - everywoman

"We’ve worked with Lianne on a number of projects. She’s always fast, efficient and right on brief. She asks insightful questions and most importantly, crafts beautiful pieces. This is the second role and organisation in which I have chosen to work with Lianne, so that should tell you how much we value her contribution."

Mags Rivett - Make-A-Wish UK

"I have been working with Lianne for around 7 years now, her creativity and professionalism sets her apart, and her efficiency to deal with projects is perfect for any business."

Emma Shepherd - Creations

"I am thrilled with the branding Lianne has done for me. She interpreted by brief expertly and gave me several options to choose from. Lianne was understanding during the ’tweaking’ stages and I didn’t feel rushed into making my decision. My brand has been much admired and I wouldn’t change a thing throughout the whole process, and I am currently using Lianne for another project."

Jo Shaw - Cook & Saucer
Your brand can make or break your business. Fact.

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