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The You & Them brand course is designed to help you really get to know your ideal audience and also what makes you special in your market. Knowing your audience (Them) and what makes them tick is vital in being able to create strong messaging, design and marketing that appeals to that intended audience and ultimately turns them into paying customers. If you don’t have clarity on who you are aiming your efforts at then you will be likely using a scattergun approach and trying to be all things to all people. Being niche and knowing what you represent can elevate your business and build a thriving brand. The second part of this course looks at You and how you are unique and special in your market. Defining what your added extras are or the value you add over your competitors will make you much more confident in selling yourself and your business in a non ‘salesy’ way. This really is do it yourself branding at it’s best.


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Knowing exactly who you want to attract is key to creating a strong successful brand. This section helps you create your client profile to help you stay focussed and targeted with your brand. It will also help you visually bring together colours and visual elements that will help you shape your brand assets going forward.

Knowing exactly what sets you apart from the rest is vital in creating a brand that engages with your target market. This section works through your USPs and what you want to be known for, enabling you to be really specific with the brand design you create and the messaging you use.

Access to the My Beautiful Brand Facebook group. Here you can discuss, network and get support from likeminded people on the same brand journey as you.


Whether you’re just starting out on your business adventure, or are feeling overwhelmed with your existing brand and where to go with it, this short course will give you the knowledge to think clearly, focus and have the vision to build a beautiful brand you love.

This flexible brand course is designed to be worked through at your own pace, and is a fantastic introduction to getting your brand right. The course guides you through a series of exercises to get clarity, focus and vision on your brand. You will also have access to our Facebook group ‘My Beautiful Brand’ to discuss exercises and thoughts with other like-minded businesses and Lianne from the studio.

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