Is this the death of the business card?

Is The Death Of The Business Card?

In todays digital age we are more frequently relying on our digital outputs in every situation, whether it be for life in general or for business. As a designer that started off primarily in good old printed media I can’t help feeling a little sad that we rely less on physical paper printed things to deliver messages, entertainment and information. I still love nothing more than receiving a fresh print job straight off the press, the feel of the card stock, the smell of the inks and the joy of seeing something you created finally in it’s physical form. You just don’t get that from a piece of digital media, no matter how all singing all dancing it is.

I have been going along to more than my fair share of networking events and training recently after some time off to have my little girl and I’ve noticed that the networking landscape has changed. Along I went to the first one, armed with my business cards, only to quickly realise after a few conversations with other business owners that it’s maybe not the way things are done now. I lost count the number of times the question wasn’t ‘do you have a business card?’ but ‘what’s your insta handle’. Now I thought I was pretty current with my use of social and technology but this was a new one on me. I’ve realised since then that this was not merely a coincidence, and at subsequent events I have attended I spent far less time giving out my printed business card (which I love) and far more time swapping Facebook pages and Instagram handles.It seems that a digital form of the business card is the way of the world.

This realisation that business cards are may be on the recline has made me question other printed materials and whether they too will eventually become digitised in some form or other, and before too long we’ll lose all trace of any physical printed items. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate how much the digital age has made our lives easier, in fact as I sit writing this I’ve just presented my train ticket n my phone, but a part of me will always love printed media for some of the reason I’ve shared above.

How can you get you business up to speed?

So, I’ve mentioned exchanging social media pages/handles as a way of getting your details to a potential customer or partner but there is an emerging trend for digital business cards. Not only do you not need to rummage about in the bottom of a laptop bag to find it’s printed relation but there are great apps that can hold all your digital cards, making it super quick and easy for you to follow up on any connections made.

Some of the apps I have come across whilst researching this include; Haystack, SnapDat, and CamCard and at the time of writing I haven’t had chance to really test them out but if you fancy giving this digital business card thing a go then have a look and let me know what you think.

As for me, I think I’ll hang onto my printed cards for as long as possible. You just can’t beat holding something physical in your hands and what is more of a thrill for a new business owner than when that first run of business cards come through the door with your new logo and business brought to life on.


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