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Discover My Brand Course

Discover My Brand is a self led branding course for those wanting to get clarity on their brand and to move forward with their business. Ideal for those just starting a business and looking to get logos, websites and other materials created, this course will make sure you know how to create a strong brand style for all of these and set you on the right path.

''The Discover My Brand Course is fabulous, it really makes you think and explore all those things you thought you knew about branding, very easy to follow and fun, I'd highly recommend this course.''

Discover My Brand

Course Content

The Discover My Brand Course is a flexible brand course designed to be worked through at your own pace, and is a fantastic introduction to getting your brand right. The course guides you through a series of exercises to get clarity, focus and vision on your brand. You will also have access to a private Facebook group to discuss exercises and thoughts with other Brand Discoverist’s.

The course covers the following:

Knowing exactly who you want to attract is key to creating a strong successful brand. This section helps you create your client muse to help you stay focussed and targeted with your brand.

Knowing exactly what sets you apart from the rest is vital in creating a brand that engages with your target market. This section works through your USPs and what you want to be known for, enabling you to be really specific with the brand design your create.

Being clear on what sort of brand you want to be is so important for creating engaging, relevant design and content for your customer. Get this right and you have a real super star brand on your hands. This section looks at defining clearly your market and what your brand should look like to them, your brand essence.

Private Facebook group especially for Discover My Brand Course participants. Here you can discuss, network and get support from likeminded people on the same brand journey as you.


If you have any questions about our Discover My Brand Course please get in touch.

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