A brand is so much more than just a logo. It’s a feeling, an experience and what your customer perceives you to be, it’s a story that is never completely told.

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More Than A Logo

So you’ve got a great business idea and/or a fabulous product or service already up and running? Having this alone is no longer enough for todays customer. They want to know the story behind the businesses they engage with, what it stands for and why they should care.

We work with businesses to build dynamic branding and logo design solutions that tell your story and resonate with your ideal customer. Sure, we design logos, but from us you will get a much more in depth process, and look at what makes your customers tick and how your brand speaks to them. Our branding design service offers you a chance to elevate your brand and really help you stand out from the crowd. Our tried and tested brand discovery methods will ensure you have a brand and logo that projects the right image to your customers and works for you day to day. Whether big or small we can ensure you have the killer identity to help your business thrive – Because branding is so much more than a logo.

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Your brand can make or break your business. Fact.

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A Sound Investment

Every business is different and one size certainly doe not fit all. We’re particularly passionate about working with smaller businesses, providing professional design services, with down to earth customer care and at affordable prices. Small business can be overwhelming at times, you have to learn fast, wear lots of hats and adapt and overcome many challenges along the way. Our small business packages for branding and logo design have been designed to provide simple, cost effective solutions for the busy small business owner. Our down to earth approach means we won’t baffle you with complex terminology, and we’ll really get to know your business, making the process super clear and involving you all the way. In short, we’re part of your ‘team’ and promise to leave you with clarity on your brand and a show-stopping logo your ideal customer will adore. Click below to view our pricing.

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FAQ's and Quick Tips

Questions on Branding

What is branding?

Branding is what defines your company or business in the market place. It is the lasting memory of your business for your target customer –  it is the soul of your business and your what, how, and why all portrayed consistently and effectively . In short, it is the essence of what makes your business the preferred choice of your ideal customer. Built over time through positive experiences, it can become your greatest asset and why your business becomes the preferred choice of your ideal customer.

Why is branding important?

Brand design is important as it can make or break your business. All too often new business owners neglect the importance of branding and don’t gibe it the time or budget it deserves. Get this right at the beginning, and it can not only save you time and money later down the line, but can also give your business the upper hand.

How can I improve my branding?

To improve your branding simply and effectively; stay true to your values and what you brand stands for, be clear with your messaging, be consistent with messaging, design, colours, fonts and tone of voice, don’t overcomplicate things and also bring in a human element to your brand, people buy from people so make sure they know who you are and your passion for what you do.

How do I choose a brand name?

There’s no doubt that choosing the perfect brand name is one of the most exciting and important elements of starting a business, but it can also be one of the hardest. Get it right and you give your business a great grounding to start with, get it wrong and it could be costly down the line with logo re-makes and customer confusion. Some quick tips are to: Know your audience – your brand name needs to resonate with them, Use your brand values – what words sum up how you want people to feel and perceive your brand.
Keep it simple – don’t over think describing what you do exactly.

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Learn More About Branding For Yourself

As part of our continued work helping small businesses and start-ups we have our brilliant My Beautiful Brand courses, designed to assist you in getting clarity on your own brand and ultimately help you succeed and grow. The first of these courses is My Beautiful Brand-complete branding masterclass. Whether you’re just starting out on your business adventure, or are feeling overwhelmed with your existing brand and where to go with it, this 7 part course is designed to give you the knowledge to think clearly, focus and have the vision to build a beautiful brand you love. The course includes workbooks and tasks to complete on your own brand, course extras, live Q&As and 3 months email brand advice from us here at LDD Studio.


Incredible Clients

"I had a new website built and created by Lianne and the whole process was fantastic. From the initial brief right down to add ons to expand functionality, specific for my business, Lianne thought of everything! I would highly recommend Lianne if you want a professional website that works the way you want it to and its easy to maintain too with great after care"

Claire Lohan - Savon Claire

"I work with Lianne on a regular basis for graphic design for myself and clients. Her approach is faultless and end product equally so. A lovely lady to work and communicate with, I can highly recommend."

Mindy Arora - Arora Marketing and ASALI

"We have worked with Lianne for a number of years now on various projects from branding through to promotional collateral. Her approach is always professional and efficient, delivering on-brand pieces that fulfil the brief. Coupled with her extremely helpful and agile manner, she is great to work with and we couldn’t recommend her enough."

Karen Gill MBE - everywoman

"We’ve worked with Lianne on a number of projects. She’s always fast, efficient and right on brief. She asks insightful questions and most importantly, crafts beautiful pieces. This is the second role and organisation in which I have chosen to work with Lianne, so that should tell you how much we value her contribution."

Mags Rivett - Make-A-Wish UK

"I have been working with Lianne for around 6 years now, her creativity and professionalism sets her apart, and her efficiency to deal with projects is perfect for any business."

Emma Shepherd - Creations

"I am thrilled with the branding Lianne has done for me. She interpreted by brief expertly and gave me several options to choose from. Lianne was understanding during the ’tweaking’ stages and I didn’t feel rushed into making my decision. My brand has been much admired and I wouldn’t change a thing throughout the whole process, and I am currently using Lianne for another project."

Jo Shaw - Cook & Saucer